The Asquinn Twins and The Exchange Student

Over the past year I have become a fan of the Asquinn Twins Series authored by Grace Brooks based out of Manitoba, Canada. And while I consider Sister Grace to be a dear friend and a sister in Christ, this doesn?t prevent me from performing an objective and critical review of her work. The same holds true for this title.

Forest Lake is a long way from Australia, the native home of exchange student Greg Freeman. Fortunately for Greg, he was among family. Though not physically related to the Asquinns, he was related to them all through the blood of Jesus. And Greg would need their help throughout the story that shows Mr. Freeman going through trials and tribulations during his stay in Canada. Included in these trials and tribulations are a struggle for life and death as well as falling victim to theft.

Jesus said that we are the light of the world. This point is brought to life in the last chapter when Earl, an antagonist in the story, states that ?you guys are so different.? And without giving away too much of the story, it is apparent how we Christians handle adversity. We are truly the light of the world because of Jesus.

This turned out to be one of my favorites of the Asquinn Twins Series. Being from Texas, I can imagine myself in a scenario similar to Greg?s in whom I am thrust into another world only to find myself among brothers and sisters in Christ.

Because of the age group of the main characters and the unique situations that they encounter, I would encourage any Sunday school teacher who works with adolescents to have a copy of each and every book in the Asquinn Twins series. But if I were to limit my choices to just one text, I would recommend that this one be on the book shelf in the Sunday school classroom.

Michael Keith Finch

Author, 100% Jesus