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The Asquinn Twins Series is a saga about a pair of twins, Martha and Martin Asquinn, getting through life together with the rest of the family in both happy and trying times. Against the glorious backdrop and rugged but stunningingly beautiful scenery of The James Bay Frontier, The Asquinn Twins Series tells stories about the twins. These are children  parents across the country would want their young ones to be friends with.

 Reaching out to hurting and troubled youth.....
Time and time again the twins prove to heart-broken children, down-trodden by some circumstances in their lives, about the truthfullness of the following verse.

PSALMS 27: 10:
When my father and my father forsake me, then the Lord will take me up.

Welcome to Ontario's Wilderness Country- Come, see the awesome scenery, and join in the adventures of the Asquinn Twins

"It doesn’t matter what part of the world you flee to," Martha told Conrad. "You can’t hide from him. God knows where you are at all times. We will continue to pray for you"

Conrad nor Nigel had any answer to this. Conrad tried to form words but all that came out were garbled strangulation like noises.

Martha looked at her twin, then Sherry, Kenny, and last, Bradan. “The side of good won a victory. Curt, er, Conrad, and his evil influence will not be in Forest Lake directly anymore. Here's your chance to be a witness to children of this community,” she said.

Where the White Trillium flower blooms in spring-A vast area situated on the northern part of the province of Ontario, Canada where evil spirits rule this dark area.

The Asquinn twins, Martha and Martin are only three years old when they leave their home in Wales and follow their missionary father, their mother with the baby, Ricky, in her arms, and six-year-old Kenny, into the Canadian north.

The twins are delighted when their father decides to settle in Forest Lake. The family meet with another family, the Turhues. The children are Brada, six, and Charlotte, (Sherry) three. The children become good friends. Kenny and Sherry become engaged at ten and thirteen years of age to marry at a future date. Bradan and Martha,( at the same age) are engaged and the two sets of parents see a double wedding in their children's future,

Evil devil worshipers rule the land. These people do not scare the twins. When Conrad Cameron, the ruler of the devil worshipers, and the same age as Kenny, reaches high school age, he and his half-brother, Nigel, the same age as the twins, move from Forest Lake. The twins see this as a victory for Jesus as they will be able to witness to the children of Forest Lake.

Author of "A Dog For Keeps", a book published in Canada by Nelsen (Canada) and Charlesbridge in the United States. She was born in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, but the hamlet where she grew up, Sesekinika, will always be in her heart.

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Watch For Book Two in this Triology, The Asquinn Twins: Where The Trail Forks


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