Monday, August 11, 2014

No Greener Pastures Synsopis

Bradan has graduated Police academy in Regina, and is a member of the Canadian Mounties, stationed in a first nations in Northern Saskatcewan.
Will Martha be able to  help her back-slidden husband find his way back to the strong relationship with God he enjoyed as a boy?
God spared her husband, Bradan, life on an island by turning away a vicious hail storm in answer to Martha and her friend, Charlotte, prayers. Will God answer her prayers to restore her husband to the joy of His salvation?
Charlotte leaves her beloved husband as he continues to live the unchrist life although he is a Christian. She and the two boys, three year old Murray and the baby, Kirk, return to Forest Lake. She asks Ken for a divorce. Ken agrees to it, but this is where God intervenes. Is their marriage saved?
Martha's twin brother, Martin,  who still lives in Forest Lake, is married to a high school sweetheart, Audrey Baker. For some reason they remain childless. The couple apply to adopt a child. To their surprise, they end up with more than they expect.
Will Charlotte or Martha be able to keep their faith alive, based on promises from Pastor Asquinn and prayers from the congregation of Golden Ridge Baptist Church?
How does Charlotte react when Ken finally joins her and the boys in Forest Lake. Read the book and find out.
Ken latterly walks away from his job with the Mounties. Back in Ontario, and Forest Lake, He is given the position of Chief Superintendent, which puts him in charge of a vast area known as the James Bay Frontier.
Bradan's reaction when Ken invites him quit the Canadian Mountiers, come back to Ontario and join the Ontario Provincial Police, the force they wanted to join as boys. How does Ken react when Bradan tells him he's already been transferred to a post in the Yukon Territory.
Does Bradan eventually end up back in Ontario with his beloved OPP?
And how does an elderly resident of Forest Lake react to this yo-yo method of serving God?  Chester Greene had watched Ken and Bradan since the two friends were boys.
Ken and Bradan learn that others watch how a Christian lives and their lives can have a great impact on whether or not an unbeliever is saved.