Word From The Author

The Asquinn Family Saga is a work of fiction, which means all the characters are conjured up through the imagination and there are no real life counterparts. Anyone who knows the James Bay Frontier or Temiskaming District areas in the northern portion of the province of Ontario, Canada will recognize the setting for this story and the series. Although I have used the right names for most of the towns, cities and rivers, I used a fictitious name for the town at my discretion.

The characters are all figments of my imaginationn.

But the series did come from an incident in my life concerning the Ontario Provincial Police, Mom, and me that nipped my life of crime in the bud and stopped my life of crime in its tracks.. For this I will forever be grateful and hold a deep respect for them. This has spanned the years even though I do not live in Ontario anymore. All I will say about that incident is, one of the occurrences in the series almost duplicates my brush with the law, but I will not say which one.

I wish I could use the name of the force in its entirety, but I can’t. It would have made a much stronger story.

Along with my gratitude I say Ontario should be grateful they have the Ontario Provincial Police and it’s to this police force I dedicate the entire series.