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The Asquinn Twins And The Exchange Student


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Author : Grace Brooks

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This is a remarkable book. In these times when little emphasis is put on strong family ties,Grace Brooks has done a superb job in showing how the love of God can bind together a family.

First of all, Ted and Korah are fifteen -year- old twins, adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Asquinn as babies. Then the couple had three children of their own and then fostered another little girl, named Delicia. And to top this, the twins' family was chosen to include an exchange student for the school year. With all the other children to care for, Greg Freeman was embraced by the family and treated as one of the family.

When Greg fell through the ice during one of twins and their friends play sessions, the twins and the entire family united in prayer for Greg to get better quickly.

There are other events where the family worked and pulled together in unity and love seldom seen in families today. This book is refreshing to read.

by alex Mclaughlin (reader) at 11/14/2007 6:30:44 AM wow i have never heard of such a great person coming from Kirkland lake, i live there myself. lol its a wonderful place, isnt it.

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